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Radiation Safety Refresher

Annual Radiation Safety Refresher Training is required for all persons using or possessing radioactive material, and as needed when there is a significant change in an individual's duties, the regulations, license conditions, radiation safety program procedures, or when there is a violation of State or Federal regulations. Personnel, if other than Radiation Safety staff, involved in the receipt of radioactive material also receive Radiation Safety Refresher Training.

Reminder: Reporting Concerns

MDE - Notice to Employees If you have a concern involving the use of radioactive materials on campus, you are encouraged to report it. The Radiation Safety Officer is available to address your concern in confidence. Please know there are also other options for reporting concerns:

  1. Contact the Maryland Radiological Health Program. The "MDE Notice to Employees" posting present in your lab, has MDE contact information.
  2. Contact the Director of the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk.
  3. Contact the Chair of the Radiation Safety Committee.
  4. Contact your direct supervisor.

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Refresher required every:

365 days