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Electrical Safety for Electrical Systems Employees - NFPA 70 E

Employees working with electrical systems over 50 volts are required by OSHA to have training that includes the shock hazard, arc flash hazard, restriction zones, protective clothing, testing criteria, insulated tools, and permits for work with energized systems. This 2-day course is conducted by an out-sourced provider. The cost of this course is $500, and includes lunch each day and class materials.  Please note: once registered for this class, you will be charged the course fee and there is no reimbursement of the fee.Compensation by jv transfer for actual direct costs is required for all attendees. 
Please contact Kate Cavanaugh at x52887 or via email at with any questions.

This course is not designed for laboratory personnel. If you require specific electrical safety training for laboratory processes, please contact for a consultation.