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Asbestos Oversight Committee

The committee within the Executive Branch of Maryland State government tasked with defining the status of the asbestos situation in the State with respect to its employees and facilities, and with developing an asbestos management plan and appropriate policies to effectively address and resolve any related asbestos issues. The Committee has the following specific duties:

  1. Develops and annually updates a Statewide Asbestos Management Plan,
  2. Reviews, evaluates and promulgates asbestos policies, procedures and practices consistent with existing COMAR, EPA, OSHA and MOSH regulations,
  3. Evaluates asbestos abatement project proposals and establishes abatement contract guidelines and criteria for State-owned facilities, and
  4. Develops and presents to the Governor and General Assembly by the first day of October each year, a consolidated budget for asbestos management for State facilities that also sets forth the relevant portions of the operating budget of any agency responsible for asbestos management activities and priorities, describes abatement and safety projects, and is consistent with the asbestos management plan.