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Complete All Safety Training

It is important that all researchers have the knowledge and skills they need to safely perform their research activities. There are two important ways in which this is accomplished, training from the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk (ESSR) and laboratory-specific training.

Complete All Required Safety Training

All researchers, including principal investigators, are expected to complete all required safety training.

Ensure that All Lab Members Take Required ESSR Training

Principal investigators are responsible for identifying the ESSR training programs that are applicable to their research and ensuring that all lab members complete the training.

Provide Laboratory-Specific Training to All Lab Members

Laboratory-specific training covers the hazards, procedures and safety rules that are specific to that laboratory. The principal investigator or a designated experienced lab member conducts this training.

ESSR has resources to assist you in developing laboratory-specific training:

The Office of Research Safety can come to your lab to conduct customized training related to specific hazards. Contact us at for more information.

Maintain Documentation of All Training

Principal investigators are expected to maintain documentation of lab-specific training.

ESSR maintains training records for our online and classroom training programs. Principal investigators should establish a procedure for getting electronic access to their lab members training records or a printed copy of the records. Contact us at for information about accessing training records.