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Radioactive Materials

Radioactive material is used in research settings to help researchers create and test new materials, discover new technologies and identify new procedures that help support people, animals and plants. Radioactive material is often an excellent tool for use in discovery research because it is easy to detect in low quantities.  The use of radioactive material in the campus research laboratories must follow strict rules established by the State of Maryland as well as University policies and procedures for ordering, storage, use and disposal.  Radiation Safety strives to be a valuable resource for researchers to ensure the safe and compliant use of radioactive material. 


Radioactive Waste

Chart of the Nuclides

The Chart of the Nuclides can be used to obtain the properties of the nuclides such as the percent abundance, disintegration energies, modes of decay and half life.

Manuals, Guidelines, Policies


Radiation Safety Training for use of Radioactive Material:

Maryland State and Federal regulations require that personnel using radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment must have radiation protection training. Personnel using equipment and radioactive materials (unsealed and sealed) without supervision must attend a Radiation Safety Training Class. Web based Radiation Safety Training for use of Radioactive Material is available. (Log in using your UMD Directory ID and Password)

Radiation Training for Transporting Radioactive Material:

The Radiation Safety Office at the University of Maryland has a training class for personnel who will package radioactive material, prepare shipping documents, mark and label containers, handle containers used in transporting, or operate a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials. Please call Brian Zidek at (301)-405-3987 or email Brian to set up a time.

Radiation Safety Refresher Training

Radiation Safety Refresher Training is required biannually for those who handle Radioactive Material.

Radioactive Waste Generator Training

Radioactive Waste Generator Training is required annually for those who generate and handle Radioactive Waste.