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Standard Operating Procedure Examples and Resources

Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essential components of your Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). Various reference guides and examples are available to assist your effort. Please be advised that no example SOP should be inserted into your CHP without specific modification to accommodate your laboratory's operation and procedures. If you have any questions or need additional information, please consult the UMD Chemical Hygiene Officer.


General Laboratory Procedures SOP (Word) (PDF)
Chemical Acquisition & Storage Procedures (Word) (PDF)
Hydrofluoric Acid SOP (PDF)
Personal Protective Equipment SOP (Word) (PDF)
Procedural SOP (Word) (PDF)

Links to SOP Development Resources on the Internet

University of Maryland
     You may download in PDF

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
     Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures Development Information & Directions:

Florida Atlantic University
     Chemical Hygiene Plan - Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures:

Dickinson College
     Standard Operating Procedures - General Description:

Michigan State University
     Laboratory Specific Standard Operating Procedures
     Blank SOP template

Links to SOPs on the Internet

University of Maryland:
     Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing
     Baltimore PM Supersite (several) 
     Polymer Reaction Engineering Laboratory

     Use of Nitric Oxide:

Michigan State University:
     Toxic Gases

Boston University:
     General Lab SOP