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National Biosafety Month 2019-Beyond the Lab: Increasing the Visibility of Biosafety and Biosecurity

The Biosafety Office is excited to announce that October 2019 is National Biosafety Month. This year’s theme is “Beyond the Lab: Increasing the Visibility of Biosafety and Biosecurity”. National Biosafety month is a time when we encourage all members of UMD’s research community to focus on and reinforce attention to biosafety and biosecurity standards. We hope to promote and increase awareness of the daily, yet important tasks that create standards of excellence in research. Additionally, we hope to demonstrate how a unified commitment of creating and fostering a culture of safety is what makes the UMD research community a continuing success. ABSA International is encouraging researchers to capture biosafety in action! If you would like to highlight a particular activity that demonstrates you or your lab’s commitment to promoting a culture of biosafety and responsibility, include the hashtag #biosafety_biosecuritymonth on your social media platform of choice (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.).

Letter from the Vice President of Research

National Biosafety Month Newsletter